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Railway construction is our forte!

TRANSCELTNIEKS is a manufacturing engineering company which has been engaged in railway construction, repairs and design activities for more than 30 years. During this time we have gained a unique experience and have earned the trust of our customers – we can do everything in our business!


Construction works are conducted by team of professionals

Our wide range of technological works covers construction, repairs, and design of railway, crane and tram tracks, maintenance of the railway infrastructure, as well as installation of overhead lines, signalling, power supply and telecommunication networks. High quality of work is confirmed by ISO international standards.


We have constructed

more than 500 km

of railway tracks

Full cycle of engineering works

We carefully monitor the quality


Our construction services are recognized by high quality, efficiency of execution, and a wide range of activities, from construction of railway tracks to installation of concrete foundations for industrial facilities.


We carry out the operating maintenance of railway tracks and their comprehensive repair, conduct troubleshooting of engineering networks and equipment, and eliminate any malfunctions in their work promptly and thoroughly.


We are successfully engaged in design of railway tracks, engineering networks, industrial and civil buildings and structures.


We solve project tasks of any complexity

Having enormous technical capabilities

June 2022

Repairs of Alpha Ekspress Ltd. Railway Access Tracks №22 and №23 in Riga

August 2021

Construction of Optic Cable Line in Riga - Skulte Section

November 2020

Construction of Pedestrian Tunnel on Ogre Railway Station: Special Works


Our partners and clients

Industry leaders who trust our experience