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Construction of New Railway Terminal Juras Parks and Northern By-Pass in Ventspils Railway Network

Project completed: June 2003

Project Description

The Juras Parks Railway Terminal in Ventspils Port Project (1998-2003), co-financed by the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development, provided for the construction of new marshalling yard, including nine receiving and departure tracks as well as utility systems, office and engineering buildings, engineering facilities aimed to remove chemical substance cargo flow from Ventspils dwelling areas and to increase the carrying capacity of Ventspils Railway Network within the East – West railway corridor.


Within the frame of the project the following works were carried out:

  • Construction of railway tracks (15 630 m)
  • Installation of turnouts (32 pcs.)
  • Construction of subgrade
  • Construction of level crossings (5 pcs)
  • Construction of pedestrian paths of reinforced-concrete slabs
  • Construction of drainage system
  • Laying of signaling cables and installation of outdoor signaling equipment
  • Installation of pneumatic point cleaning system
  • Equipping of turnouts with electric point heating
  • Installation of equipment for accelerated brake charging and running
  • Construction of electric interlocking tower building
  • Construction of heating posts for personnel
  • Construction of compressor station
  • Construction of level crossing attendant building
  • Installation of indoor utility systems in buildings
  • Construction of pneumatic tube system (1930 m)

Customer: BMGS JSC


15 630 m

railway tracks

32 pcs.


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