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Construction of Saulkrasti By-Pass Road: Construction of Railway Overbridge within the Skulte Station Railway Network

Project completed: September 2007

Project Description

The Saulkrasti By-Pass Road of E67 Via Baltica Project (2003-2007), co-financed by EU Cohesion Fund, provided for the construction of the first new motor road from the date of the state independence restoration, including bridges, tunnels, crossovers, pedestrian paths, railway tracks, noise-attenuating fence, and other engineering structures aimed to improve road traffic safety and to increase throughput capacity of Via Baltica motorway.


Within the frame of the project the following works were carried out:

  • Construction of railway tracks (220 m)
  • Relocation of railway tracks (330 m)
  • Construction of subgrade
  • Dismantling and installation of railway contact network
  • Laying of signaling and communication cables
  • Construction of railway level crossing
  • Construction of pedestrian and bicycle path
  • Construction of drainage system

Customers: A.C.B. JSC, Viadukts Ltd.

550 m

railway tracks

1 pcs.

level crossings

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