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Construction of Heated Cargo Warehouse with a Ramp on the Territory of Riga Free Port, Kundzinsala Island, in Uriekstes str.32

Project completed: January 2020

Project Description

The Project provided for the construction of a new heated cargo warehouse for stevedore Baltic Container Terminal Ltd. One-storey warehouse with a total area of 13 569 m² allows the transshipment of cargoes, carried by truck or railway transport, using the roofed ramp by the existing access track. 


Within the range of the Project the following works were performed:

  • Driving of bored piles (1692 pcs.)
  • Concrete pouring
  • Installation of external power supply networks
  • Construction of cable canalization
  • Installation of metal structures
  • Construction of roof with heatproof and waterproof
  • Erection of sandwich panels
  • Installation of plastic windows
  • Erection of gates, hydraulic lifts, wheel guard devices
  • Concrete flooring
  • Construction of external water supply and sewage systems
  • Construction of power supply network
  • Installation of fire extinguishing system
  • Construction of internal water supply and sewage systems
  • Territory landscaping

Customer: Baltic Container Terminal Ltd. 

13 569 m²

total area

1692 pcs.

bored piles

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