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Major Repairs of Railway Tracks №55, 57, 58, 58b and Crane Tracks, Resurfacing of №7 and №8 Berths in Eksporta District, on the Territory of Riga Free Port

Project completed: December 2005

Project Description

During the construction the following works were performed:

  • Dismantling and construction of railway tracks (1512 m)
  • Dismantling and construction of crane tracks (826 m)
  • Dismantling and installation of turnouts (3 pcs.)
  • Construction of subgrade
  • Construction of berth pavement of reinforced concrete slabs (6590 m²)
  • Construction of asphalt-concrete pavement (1652 m²)
  • Installation of outer power supply networks
  • Construction of water supply and storm water sewerage networks

Customer: Freeport of Riga Authority


1512 m

railway tracks

826 m

crane tracks

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