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Reconstruction of Holiday Centre in Jurmala, Dzintari avenue 13/15

Project completed: September 2007

Project Description

The Jurmalas Vilnis Luxury Holiday Centre was constructed as a modern eight-storey building with wide terraces and basement. There are 76 upscale apartments with 75 – 340 m² area (33 two-room, 29 three-room and 14 four-room apartments) in the building. Coffeehouse and offices are located on the ground floor; car parking for 100 cars is in the basement floor. Inner territory is landscaped, pedestrian paths are constructed, as well as recreation spot and children playground is arranged.


Within the frame of the project the following works were carried out:

  • Ground works and foundation construction
  • Installation of concrete floors and ceilings
  • Installation of roof and terraces
  • Facade works
  • Installation of windows and doors
  • Installation of elevators
  • Installation of inner and outer water supply and sewerage systems
  • Installation of ventilation system
  • Installation of inside and outside power supply networks
  • Installation of heating system and boiler room
  • Installation of automatic fire extinguishing system
  • Painting and finishing works

Customer: Jurmalas vilnis Ltd.

16 221 m²

total area

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