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Reconstruction of the Hump of Skirotava Marshalling Station, Krustpils Str. 20, Riga

Project completed: December 2015

Project Description

Reconstruction of the Hump of Skirotava Marshalling Station Project (2011-2015), co-financed by EU Cohesion Fund, provided for the implementation of new automatic solid state interlocking and hump control system, installation of wagon retarders and reconstruction of track circuits with the objective of railway cargo efficiency improvement in the marshalling yard of Skirotava station.


Within the range of the Project the following works were performed:

  • Dismantling and construction of railway tracks (4854 m)
  • Installation of turnouts (31 pcs.)
  • Construction of subgrade
  • Construction of wagon retarder foundations
  • Construction of cable canalization
  • Installation of electric interlocking system
  • Installation of electric point heating
  • Laying of electric, telecommunications and optic cable networks
  • Installation of video surveillance system
  • Installation of security system and fire extinguishing system

Customer: BMGS JSC

4854 m

railway tracks

31 pcs.


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