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Main areas of our activities

We undertake the organization of large-scale installation works and railway construction in the Baltic countries. You can entrust us with any activity related to the following areas: construction of superstructure, subgrade, engineering networks and structures, as well as their design, repair, and reconstruction.
Additionally, we deal with construction of crane and tram tracks, industrial and civil buildings and structures , engineering networks, and maintenance of private railway infrastructure.


Full cycle of engineering works


Our construction and installation services are recognized by high quality, efficiency of execution, and a wide range of activities, from construction of railway tracks to installation of concrete foundations for industrial facilities.


We carry out operating maintenance of railway racks and their comprehensive repair, conduct troubleshooting of engineering networks and equipment, and eliminate any malfunctions in their work promptly and thoroughly.


We are successfully engaged in the design of railway tracks, engineering networks, industrial and civil buildings and structures.


Our Equipment


We have a wide range of heavy railway equipment at our service.