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Our activities in the framework of construction, repair, and reconstruction encompass railway, crane and tram tracks, engineering networks, industrial and civil buildings, engineering structures.


Railway construction

We are engaged in the construction of railway tracks, including laying of rails and sleepers, preparation of subgrade, installation of turnouts , as well as installation of power supply, telecommunication and railway signaling systems and networks.
Furthermore, we provide services of railway crossings and platforms for their most practical and efficient use, using the highest quality materials. Among our services you can find everything to form and enhance a full-fledged infrastructure.

  1. Railway tracks
  2. Turnouts
  3. Subgrade
  4. Level crossings
  5. Engineering structures
  6. Telecommunication networks
  7. Contact systems
  8. Signalling and communication systems

December 2019

The 2-nd Stage of Development of Liepaja Port Railway Infrastructure

May 2019

Construction of Pedestrian Tunnel on Ogre Railway Station: Special Works

December 2018

Railway Construction for STREK Ltd. Terminal on the Territory of Riga Free Port, Krievu Island


Industrial and civil construction

We install internal and external engineering systems and ensure smooth functioning of industrial and civil buildings and structures. Our competence also embraces ground works, indoor and outdoor welding, installation of street lighting, concrete and asphalt pouring, installation of metal structures and cable duct systems.

  1. Buildings and structures
  2. External and internal engineering networks
  3. Ground works
  4. Concrete pouring and paving
  5. Facade and finishing works

January 2020

Construction of Heated Cargo Warehouse with a Ramp on Kundzinsala Island

March 2015

Construction of Noise Fencing along Railway Tracks №400 and №412 on Kundzinsala Island

April 2014

Reconstruction of MAN-TESS Ltd. Oil Pipeline Section on Kundzinsala Island


Tram tracks

Our full-scope preparation to tram track construction includes installation of railway tracks and subgrade, electrical installation works, installation of engineering and contact networks, as well as installation of all necessary power supply and signaling devices.

  1. Railway tracks
  2. Turnouts
  3. Subgrade
  4. Contact systems
  5. Engineering networks

October 2013

Renovation of Tramway Track in Liepaja

May 2013

Construction of New Tramway Track in Liepaja


Crane tracks

We construct crane tracks for travelling cranes to ensure even distribution of crane weight on the rails and smooth movement of equipment along them. Moreover, we are engaged in the installation of tower crane track, track works (major repairs, track alignment and tamping), for port cranes as well.

  1. Railway tracks
  2. Subgrade

October 2014

Railway Tracks Displacement on the Severstaļlat JSC Open Storage Area in Riga

December 2005

Major Repairs of Railway Tracks (№55, 57, 58, 58b) and Crane Tracks, Resurfacing of №7 and №8 Berths in Eksporta District, on the Territory of Riga Free Port


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